Study into genes and ovarian cancer survival rate

A new study has investigated the relationship between genes and overall survival in ovarian cancer.

Researchers from the University Medical Centre in Groningen studied tissue samples obtained during surgery to remove cancerous tissue from 157 patients.

The scientists then analysed the sample and identified 86 separate genes that helped correlate to the overall survival of the patients.

Some 57 of these genes were then correlated with survival in a separate dataset, with the researchers stating that these genes could be integrated into new potential therapies in the future.

The authors of the study wrote: "These findings suggest that it might eventually by possible to tailor therapies to the needs of individual patients by analysing which pathways are activated in their tumours and thus improve survival rates for women with advanced ovarian cancer"

It was recently announced that Uppsala University Hospital and Lund University Hospital in Sweden and Tartu University Hospital in Estonia have all installed new radiotherapy systems which can offer quicker treatments for gynaecological cancers.