Study into improving fertility for older women launched

Researchers in Australia are looking at new ways to help improve fertility in older women.

Professor Eileen McLaughlin from Newcastle University has received $400,000 from the National Health and Medical Research Council, reports ABC News.

The funding is designed to help investigate how the female egg develops healthily and will target specific proteins that can aid the development of a healthy egg.

Ms McLaughlin claims a woman is born with all the eggs they will ever carry, with the number and quality of them declining with age.

She told the news provider: "We've discovered some proteins that are actually involved in the overall control process, then we can opt to try and possibly repair the eggs or put in place systems which allow us to select eggs which are ... the best."

A recent study in Finland found that any differences in placentation proteins in IVF and naturally conceived pregnancies disappeared after 19 gestational weeks.