Unicef using drones to deliver HIV tests in Malawi

Unicef has begun using drones to deliver HIV tests to hard-to-reach communities in Malawi.

In conjunction with the country's government, the charity has been using unmanned aerial vehicles to drop tests for the disease across the country in an attempt to significantly improve the time it takes for infants to be diagnosed with HIV.

Faster diagnosis means quicker access to the best possible treatment, which could lengthen people's lives.

Unicef has taken the decision to use drones to deliver supplies to the area because logistical challenges in the industry mean it takes an average of 11 days for tests to reach labs.

Mahimbo Mdoe, Unicef representative in Malawi, commented: "This innovation could be the breakthrough in overcoming transport challenges and associated delays experienced by health workers in remote areas of Malawi."

Statistics from the global charity show that approximately 10,000 children died from HIV and related diseases in 2014 alone.ADNFCR-2094-ID-801814869-ADNFCR