Menopause not a cause of weight gain in later life

The notion that going through menopause causes women to put on weight has been dismissed as a myth. According to Professor Susan Davies of Monash University, who led a review on the subject for the International Menopause Society, many women complain of a "new spare tyre" when their years...

New study 'could lead to treatment for delaying menopause'

A new study could potentially lead to scientists coming up with ways to extend a woman's years of fertility. Monash University and Prince Henry's Institute of Medical Research (PHI) recently discovered that egg cells in the ovaries can die as a result of proteins called PUMA and NOXA...

Women 'should avoid early menopause if possible'

Females have been urged to take steps to try to avoid entering the menopause early if it is possible. According to John Hopkins University School of Medicine, lifestyle factors such as smoking can bring forward the time when a woman's years of fertility come to an end...

AMH 'could offer clues to when women will go through menopause'

Anti-mullerian hormone (AMH) levels could enable scientists to work out when a woman is likely to go through menopause many years in advance, a new study has established. Research carried out at the University of Pennsylvania could have practical benefits for women in their late 30s and above and...

Losing weight may reduce symptoms of menopause

Women who lose weight could experience fewer menopause symptoms as a result, a new study has found. According to the Kaiser Permanente Division of Research, body fat can prevent heat loss because it acts as insulation. This means that when women suffer hot flashes and night sweats, their bodies are...

Menopause symptoms 'do not indicate poor heart health'

Showing symptoms of the menopause does not suggest a woman is particularly vulnerable to heart disease, experts have insisted. Females often go through sweats and hot flashes when their years of fertility come to an end, which some observers believe may indicate possible cardiovascular problems.

Women 'not getting proper treatment for menopause-related conditions'

Many women are not getting the treatment they require when the menopause triggers various ailments, an expert has warned. According to author and women's health specialist Dr Diana Schwarzbein, physicians often do not realise that certain conditions in middle-aged women are linked to the...

Early menopause linked with brain aneurysm

Early menopause has been shown to have an association with a potentially lethal brain condition. A new report published in Journal of NeuroInterventional Surgery revealed the younger a woman is when she undergoes the biological changes the more likely she is to suffer a cerebral aneurysm.

Early menopause linked to milder arthritis

A new scientific report has found that early menopause could be associated with a milder form of rheumatoid arthritis (RA). The work, presented today at EULAR 2012, the Annual Congress of the European League Against Rheumatism, examined the records of 134 incident RA cases.

Massage shown to relieve menopause symptoms

A small number of massage sessions with scented oils may be enough to help ease menopause symptoms in some women, according to a new study.