Obstetric Fistula

In Kenya, one life-transforming surgery at a time

Only 1 in 50 women living with obstetric fistula will ever receive treatment. FIGO Fellow Dr John Omboga from Kenya shares his commitment to closing the treatment gap.

Think Equal: obstetric fistula

Gillian Slinger, Senior Project Manager of FIGO’s Fistula Surgery Training Initiative addresses the inequity which leads to obstetric fistula, its devastating impact, and innovations that are making a difference...

More surgeons for a fistula-free world

Two expert fistula surgeons on the power of the FIGO Fistula Surgery Training Initiative to end obstetric fistula.

Ending fistula: FIGO presents at ISOFS

FIGO presents at ISOFS, the only global conference on obstetric fistula surgery, on progress in training enough surgeons

Finding the forgotten: obstetric fistula

An obstetric fistula surgeon in DR Congo working to make 'Health For All' a reality for women forced to the margins...

Ending obstetric fistula

Meet the professor, teacher, inventor committed to eradicating obstetric fistula.

Nobel Prize winner addresses FIGO

Nobel Peace Prize winning gynaecologist and human rights activist Dr Denis Mukwege addresses his colleagues at the FIGO World Congress 2018

Ending fistula by 2030

Ahead of International Day to End Obstetric Fistula, hear from Dr Kenny Raha and Bijoux from the DRC.

Dr Homa Dost, women's health in Afghanistan

Hear from Dr. Homa Dost in Afghanistan about the importance of investment to better address Obstetric Fistula.

Rebuilding Lives in Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh

To mark International Day to End Obstetric Fistula, FIGO has heard from three women who have undergone fistula surgery and are now able to recover and re-build their lives. Here's what they had to say:...