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'Funding required' for female health care in Pakistan

The World Health Organization (WHO) says emergency funding is needed to provide life-saving care for more than three million displaced people living in temporary camps in Pakistan.

Men 'unwilling to protect female partners from cervical cancer'

Women could be put at increased risk of cervical cancer because their male partners are unwilling to help cut the dangers, according to a new study.

Vietnam 'could achieve maternal mortality target'

A new international report states that Vietnam is capable of meeting its UN Millennium Development Goals commitment to reduce maternal mortality by three-quarters in the 1990-2015 period.

Diet planning 'can relieve menopause symptoms'

Women going through the menopause can make life more comfortable by eating the right foods, it has been claimed.

Unsafe abortions 'common in Tanzania'

Unsafe abortions are a major health risk faced by women in Tanzania and other developing countries, it has been claimed.

Cervical cancer vaccine 'could protect older women'

Millions of women could benefit from having a vaccine to protect them from developing cervical cancer, a new study has indicated.

Programme launched to reduce global cancer deaths

The World Health Organization (WHO) has joined forces with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) to strengthen and accelerate efforts to fight cancer in the developing world.

Child mortality rates 'have improved since 1990'

A 27 per cent fall has been witnessed in the number of child deaths worldwide since 1990, the World Health Organization (WHO) estimates.

Knowledge 'vital' for IVF parents

People undergoing fertility treatment need full counselling about all of the risks involved, it has been claimed.