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Women 'more vulnerable to HIV infection'

HIV and Aids charity Avert says social inequality around the world makes women more vulnerable to HIV infection than their male counterparts.

Developed world 'ignorant of fistula risks'

Many people in the developed world have no knowledge of the condition of fistula and the impacts it has on women living in poorer nations, it has been reported.

IFFS urges embryo selection acceptance

Moves towards the acceptance of embryo selection by European authorities have been welcomed by the International Federation of Fertility Societies (IFFS).

Cardiac screening 'needed for Ugandan newborns'

All newborn babies in Uganda should be screened for heart conditions, it has been claimed.

Aid efforts in Myanmar 'need reviving'

Unicef has expressed concern over a lack of support for women and children in Myanmar – formerly known as Burma – one year after a cyclone devastated local communities in the east Asian nation.

FIGO Demands Action at Civil G8 Preparatory Meeting

More than 200 NGOs attend preparation summit in Rome

AU commits itself to fighting infant and maternal mortality

The African Union (AU) has committed itself to battling against child and maternal mortality and its ministers for health are planning a meeting to discuss the issue.

Work demands 'can impact on pregnancy'

New research has highlighted that women who do a physically-demanding job or work long hours while pregnant have an increased chance of giving birth to a smaller baby.

Earthquake affected couples 'receive conception help in China'

Couples who lost a child in last year's magnitude-8.0 quake in south-west China have been offered state support to help them start a new family, it has been reported.