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Pre-pregnancy health 'must improve'

Too few women follow nutritional and lifestyle recommendations before they become pregnant, even when conception is planned, it has been claimed.

Research points to role for herpes vaccine

Debate continues over whether a herpes vaccine could in fact protect humans against bacterial diseases.

Genetic hotspot for breast cancer identified

A new 'genetic hotspot' for breast cancer has been found in Asian women by researchers from the Vanderbilt-Ingram Cancer Centre in Nashville, Tennessee.

Free HPV vaccine 'being encouraged in Australia'

Young women in Australia are being encouraged to take advantage of the current free cervical cancer vaccine on offer, it has been reported. A spokesperson for the New South Wales Central West

Cancer patients 'should have access to health records'

Cancer patients could benefit from having access to their health records, according to the Cancer Advocacy Coalition of Canada (CACC). The organisation's Report Card on Cancer in Canada claim

Bone drug can improve breast cancer disease-free survival

New research claims to show the addition of zoledronic acid to endocrine therapy can help improve the disease-free survival rates of early stage breast cancer in premenopausal women.

First-time mothers 'face psychosis risk in first month'

A new study claims first-time mothers could be at a greater risk of developing psychosis in the month following the birth of the child. Researchers in Sweden monitored the rates of psychosis

UNFPA restoring obstetric and neonatal care in Gaza

The United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) is working to restore obstetric and neonatal care in Gaza following the recent fighting. It estimated that up to 3,700 babies were born during the i

Obese women 'at increased risk of birth defects'

Women who are obese during pregnancy are at an increased risk of birth defects, according to a new study. Scientists from Newcastle University found that maternal obesity has implications for

ESCAP discusses reproductive health in Asia and the Pacific

The United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (ESCAP) have met to address concerns related to reproductive health, gender equality and population concerns. At the