Adolescents and youth call for SRHR

Adolescents and young people consistently lack access to sexual and reproductive health services, in spite of youth champions calling for expanding contraceptive choice and education.

Young people realising their rights

Recognising both the particular disadvantages that youth populations experience in realising their rights to sexual and reproductive healthcare, and working with them as equal partners for change.

Staffing requirements for delivery care

New FIGO Statement sets first international standards for clinical staffing of delivery care in maternity units.

'Research breakthrough' on newborn blood infections

Medical researchers at the University of Utah, US, believe they have discovered why blood infections can often pose such high risks for newborn babies.

'Fat gene' associated with PCOS

Women's fertility could be damaged by a 'fat gene', according to new research.

Bangkok Hospital launches affordable IVF programme

Bangkok Hospital has implemented a new cut-price fertility programme which aims to save people money.

Vaccine 'could prevent risk of congenital CMV'

An experimental vaccine being developed in the US could reduce babies' risks of being infected with cytomegalovirus (CMV) in the womb.

Medical costs of preterm baby 'could cover 12 full-term newborns'

The medical costs associated with a premature baby during the first year of its life could care for nearly a dozen healthy, full-term babies, it has been claimed.

Rise seen in radiologic exams for pregnant women

A new study has indicated that the number of radiologic exams conducted on pregnant women has more than doubled over the last decade.

Obese women 'less likely to seek breast cancer screening'

A failure to undergo regular screening could put obese women at greater risk of breast cancer, a new study has indicated.

FIGO Newsletter

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Single embryo transfer 'may improve IVF treatment'

New research from the Reproductive Associates of Delaware (RAD) has indicated that single embryos cultured under proper conditions have a greater chance of implanting and developing successfully in wo

Hormone raises fertility stimulation hopes

A new study indicates that the hormone kisspeptin may be able to help improve fertility treatments.