FIGO at 65: Looking Ahead

As FIGO celebrates an important milestone, we look ahead to the future of our work, dedicated to improving women's health and rightson a global scale...
Jack Sciarra celebrates 65 years of FIGO

FIGO at 65: reducing maternal mortality

Now FIGO is 65. Let us hope that in the coming years FIGO and all 132 member societies will be able to contribute to a world where quality reproductive health care is available to all women are worldwide.

Fighting for women’s health and rights

Professor Mahmoud F. Fathalla, a lifelong advocate for women's health and rights, reflects on global changes, challenges and his vision for FIGO’s future...

Pregnancy hormones affects RLS

A new study has found that hormonal changes related to pregnancy can increase the risks of restless legs syndrome (RLS). RLS can disturb a person's ability to sleep or return to sleep after a

Study predicts uterine rupture in caesarean births

A new study is able to predict which caesarean births could lead to uterine rupture in women. Researchers from Universite Laval in Calgary studied 236 women who had a caesarean delivery and m

Bacteria linked to EONS identified

Researchers have identified proteins associated with a bacterial infection which is linked to premature births. Scientists at the Yale School of Medicine found the biomarkers which are associ

'Complications' from high blood pressure during pregnancy

Women who suffer from high blood pressure during pregnancy could face future complications in later pregnancies, according to new research. Scientists from the Yale School of Medicine, in par

Women 'should not drink too much during labour'

Pregnant women have been warned not to drink too much water during childbirth, with doctors claiming doing so can induce comas or even prove fatal. Research published in the International Jou

Newborn babies have got rhythm, according to study

Newborn babies can detect the beat in music, according to new research. A study conducted at the Institute for Psychology at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences and the Institute for Logic, Lan

UNFPA welcomes possible US funding for women's health

The head of the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) has welcomed news US president Barack Obama plans to work with congress to restore financial support to the fund which has been withheld for seve

HPV18 not clinically linked to precancerous cervical lesions

New research has found that carcinogenic human papillomavirus type 18 (HPV18) is not a predictor for precancerous cervical lesions. Scientists at the University of Washington studied 303 wome

US octuplets breathing without assistance

The newborn octuplets in the US are now breathing on their own, according to their doctor. A woman in Los Angeles, California gave birth to the eight babies in the early hours of Monday morni

Woman pregnant after revolutionary IVF treatment

A woman from the UK has become the first IVF patient to get pregnant using new fertility technology. The 41-year-old conceived at the CARE clinic in Nottingham following a new egg screening t