Obstetric fistula is a devastating childbirth injury, and a neglected public health and human rights issue. Although it is fully preventable, two million women suffer with the condition in Africa and certain parts of Asia, and an additional 100,000 develop a fistula each year. Only 1 in 50 will ever receive treatment.

The FIGO Fistula Surgery Training Initiative is a globally recognised, state-of-the-art training programme. Using FIGO’s Global Competency-Based Fistula Surgery Training Manual, the first standardised fistula surgery curriculum, we deliver training and education to more than 65 trainee fistula surgeons – ‘FIGO Fellows’ – and multidisciplinary teams from some of the world’s most underserved regions.

The programme also supplies much-needed fistula equipment, including the FIGO Specification Fistula Instrument Set and surgical head torches.

Working in close collaboration with a wide range of partners, FIGO Fellows have provided more than 13,000 fistula repair surgeries. Together, we are determined to close the global treatment gap.