Lack of access to safe abortion results in 45% of all abortions globally being unsafe. Unsafe abortion remains a catastrophic public health problem accounting for up to 13 percent of maternal mortality worldwide, with hundreds of thousands of survivors living with long-term complications, including infertility and chronic pain. Of these unsafe abortions, 97 percent take place in South-Central Asia, sub-Saharan Africa and Latin America.

FIGO regards reproductive choice, including access to safe abortion services, as a basic and non-negotiable tool for ensuring the human rights of every woman, not just in one region or country, but globally.

Our Advocating for Safe Abortion Project aims to reduce maternal mortality and morbidity from unsafe abortion. FIGO supports ten National Member Societies to raise their capacity as leaders on sexual and reproductive health and rights and safe abortion advocacy. The Project works with an expert Advisory Group and will also contribute to international advocacy.

FIGO’s Committee on Safe Abortion works to ensure promises of gender equality and sexual and reproductive health and rights made in global policy spaces translate into tangible differences in the lives of women and girls, through the production and dissemination of position papers and advancing best practice.