Addressing violence against healthcare providers in South Asia

Recorded on Thursday 3 August 2023


Violence against health care providers is on the rise reaching epidemic proportions, especially in South Asia. Organised by the FIGO Committee on Women Facing Crisis in collaboration with the SAFOG Committee on Gender-based Violence, this webinar looks at causes, impact, and recommendations to deal with the situation from the South Asian perspective. It will explore causes of this violence in South Asia, the impact of violence on health care providers, and solutions to this phenomenon. The audience will gain better understanding of this issue and become better equipped to put interventions in place. They can become more effective advocates, raising the topic with their OBGYN societies and at the national level. They can contribute by negotiating with governments to put policies in place to protect healthcare providers, mitigate violence, and to deal with it when it happens.

Language: English with live interpretation in French and Spanish



Dr Rubina Sohail, Chair of FIGO’s Women Facing Crisis Committee, Pakistan 


Dr Asifa Noreen, Chair of SAFOG’s Women’s Sexual and Reproductive Rights (WSRR) Committee, Pakistan 

Dr Yousaf Latif, SAFOG Secretary General, Pakistan 

Introductory Remarks: 

Dr Rohana Haththotuwa, SAFOG President, Sri Lanka 

Dr Jeanne Conry, FIGO President, USA 


Dr UDP Ratnisiri, Sri Lanka 

Professor Shantha Kumari, FIGO Honorary Secretary, India 

Dr Rubina Sohail, Chair of FIGO’s Women Facing Crisis Committee, Pakistan 


Dr Narendra Malhotra, India 

Dr Saroj Pandey, Nepal 

Dr Phurb Doorjee, Bhutan 

Dr Farrukh Zaman, Pakistan 

Dr Shyam Desai, India 

Dr Farhana Dewan, Bangladesh 

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