FIGO webinar: Mitigating gender-based violence in conflict

Recorded on Thursday 23 June 2022

This FIGO webinar, organised by the Committee on Women Facing Crises, presents the Red Line Initiative against sexual violence in conflict and touch on the risks faced by the women of Ukraine. Presenters address the ways in which women can be engaged as actors for change and the power of documentaries in raising awareness. Finally, a panel of experts have a discussion on women and war.


Prof Philippe Descamps, FIGO Vice-President

Prof Marleen Temmerman 


Dr Jeanne Conry, FIGO President  

Dr Rubina Sohail, Chair, FIGO Committee on Women Facing Crises: Human Rights, Refugees and Violence Against Women 

Ms Erin Farrell Rosenberg 

Ms Karen Day   

Dr John Muganda 

Dr Chiara Benedetto   

Dr Margit Endler