FIGO Guidance for sustainable implementation of vaccination programmes for women: pregnancy and HPV

Recorded on Tuesday 11 July 2023


This webinar will discuss relevant issues on vaccination during pregnancy and vaccination to reduce HPV-induced diseases, recently revised by FIGO and partners during a workshop. The webinar will highlight that global elimination of cervical cancer and saving the lives of pregnant women and their offspring is within our grasp and our responsibility as the profession serving women’s health. Presentations will focus on the role of FIGO and its member societies, as well as explore present knowledge in the areas of implementation and communication strategies to enhance the success of vaccination programmes globally.

Language: English with live interpretation in French and Spanish


Prof Mary Ann Lumsden, UK

Dr Eliana Amaral, Brazil

Professor Bo Jacobsson, Sweden

Dr Mirabel Amonte Pacheco, Switzerland

Dr Linda Eckert, USA

Dr Neerja Bhatla, India

Dr Joanna Cain, USA