We are all women human rights defenders: Strengthening reproductive justice in West Africa

Recorded on Monday 29 November 2021

Language: French 


In solidarity with International Women Human Rights Defender Day (29 November), this panel will discuss the inter-linkages between laws, policies and behaviours governing sexual reproductive rights and health care in West Africa, and how they reflect and exacerbate gender-based violence in society. The panellists will share strategies that have worked to address gender inequalities, which includes strengthening awareness on and access to safe abortion services - time sensitive essential health care, that enables women/girls to exercise their right to bodily autonomy.


Panel 1

Dr Anne Kihara, FIGO President-Elect

Viviane Oke, Member of Youth Network for Safe abortion

Dr Rouguiatou Balde, ODAS, Guinea

Ms Angela Kpéidja, Benin

Panel 2

Amour Adegnika Aguiar, DKT International

Dr Raphaël Totognon, Benin

Prof Youssouf Traore, SOMAGO, Mali

Dr Eliane Abhe, SOGOCI, Cote D’Ivoire 

Dr. Eko Filbert, SOGOC, Cameroon