FIGO Cancer Report

The FIGO Cancer Report (previously the FIGO Annual Report on the Result of Treatment in Gynecologic Cancer) was launched at the FIGO World Congress of Gynecology and Obstetrics in Rome, Italy, in October 2012.

It brings together in one publication: Updates on the staging and management guidelines on each site-specific gynecological cancer, and Gestational Trophoblastic Disease; and separate chapters from a developed and developing world perspective.

The system that has been used for collecting international data on gynecological malignancies has now been reconstructed and modernised. 

The 2018 Cancer Report is available online here. This years report includes chapters on:

- cancer staging and clinical guidelines
- surgical anatomy
- pathology
- imaging
- cancer therapy
- patient care.

This report aims to help readers update their knowledge, identify lacunae in their skills, and seek opportunities for further training to ensure that all women get the standard of care they deserve.

The FIGO Cancer Report 2015 is also available online here, while the FIGO Cancer Report 2012 is available for purchase from the FIGO Secretariat at a cost of £27.50. You may pay online by following the instructions below:  

Purchase the FIGO Cancer Report 2012