International Childbirth Initiative Working Group

The International Childbirth Initiative (ICI): 12 Steps to Safe and Respectful Maternity Care launched at the XXII FIGO World Congress in Brazil.

The initiative was developed to promote quality in practice within a broader scope and multidimensional approach to quality that ensures evidence based practice focusing on better (bio)-medical and psychosocial health outcomes for the MotherBaby-Family unit.

It also addresses a number of health system issues that contribute the achievement of quality of care in practice including working conditions and relationships between health care providers.

The ICI Foundational Principles and 12 Steps are building blocks for equitable, Mother-Baby-Family focussed, timely, effective and respectful care that can be implemented by facilities, centres, hospitals and units providing care before, during and after birth to women and their babies throughout the world. 

The ICI supports organisational implementation and facilitates a learning community of practice for ICI implementers.

As one of the founding organisations, FIGO has embraced this initiative and it has declared as a FIGO Presidential Initiative by Dr. Carlos Fuchtner.

ICI has also been established as a FIGO Working Group that will continue to collaborate with partners to support ICI implementation and recognition status. FIGO manages finances of the ICI.

The ICI Working Group is made up of members of the ICI Executive and FIGO representatives.

André Lalonde, MD, Canada, Obs-Gyn - ICI and Working group Chair
Kathy Herschderfer RM, Netherlands - ICI Executive Director
Debra Pascali-Bonaro , LCCE, USA - ICI Co-chair
Suellen Miller, CNM, PhD, USA - ICI Executive 
Dr Carlos Fuchtner, Bolivia - FIGO President
Claudia Hanson  MD, PhD, Obs-Gyn - Sweden, ICI Executive
Dr Christine Tippett – Ex officio

Contact information:
André Lalonde: [email protected]