Lectures and speeches of Professor Mahmoud F Fathalla

This is a compilation of lectures,speeches, statements and quotations by Professor Mahmoud F Fathalla (FIGO Past President 1994-1997), unarguably the greatest Women’s Health Rights champion in the last century.


A - 'Women's Health and Rights'

1 What does the future hold for women’s right to life and health?

2 Healthcare systems - the seven sins

3 A world where no woman is denied access to her right to health and life

4 Health and being a woman

5 Health and being a mother in the twenty-first century

6 Towards a woman-friendly healthcare system

7 Incessant ovulation and ovarian cancer - a swan song

8 The missing millions

9 Giving girls a chance

10 Violence against women

11 Looking beyond our myopic vision

12 Diversity and women’s health and rights


B - 'Women's Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights'

13 Be brave and angry

14 Reproductive rights and reproductive wrongs

15 Reproductive subordination of women

16 What does the future hold for sexual and reproductive health and rights?

17 Reproductive health in the world

18 How evolution of the human brain shaped women's sexual and reproductive health

19 Safe abortion - women, the Health Profession and WHO

20 Reflections on abortion and moral values

21 What does the future hold for the vaginal microbicide field?

22 Women key to family and community health


C - 'Women's Rights to Safe Motherhood'

23 FIGO will act

24 How much are mothers worth?

25 Imagine a world where motherhood is safe for all women

26 Safe motherhood at launch - Why did Mrs X die?

27 Safe motherhood at 10

28 Safe motherhood at 20

29 Safe motherhood at 25 - Looking back, moving forward

30 A message to the lady of Laetoli

31 The road to maternal death in developing countries

32 The tragedy of maternal mortality - 10 messages

33 Women have a right to life when they are giving us new life

34 World Bank - Highlights and challenges of safe motherhood


D - 'Women, Population and Family Planning'

35 A world that women deserve

36 A tale of three revolutions and an unfinished Agenda

37 Family planning issues and challenges

38 Women and population concerns for the next century

39 Women and the contraceptive technology revolution

40 Women and the population problem