Adolescents 'want to know more about fertility'

Teenagers do not know enough about fertility but would be eager to learn more, an expert has stated.

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According to Professor Adam Balen, chair of the British Fertility Society's Fertility Education Initiative, sex education has typically focused on avoiding sexually transmitted infections and preventing unplanned pregnancies.

However, he wrote in i-News that while efforts have been made to take a "rights and gender equity-based approach", reproductive health knowledge is "too poor for this to be effective".

Professor Balen argued:

"Young people deserve better,"

"Given that reproductive rights are enshrined in human rights policy, there is a moral imperative to improve this aspect of their education."

Professor Balen went on to insist that this information must be presented in an engaging and accessible way, so they can integrate their new knowledge of fertility into their lives.

He added that adolescents must also be given a strong understanding of what is right, wrong and what is private, as well as the nature of modern families and societal and cultural differences. ​ ​ ​