Early puberty linked with obesity in women

Adult women who started puberty earlier are more likely to be obese, according to new research from Imperial College London, UK. The researchers said their findings strengthen the existing evidence of a link between the onset of puberty and a woman's body mass in adulthood. Previous studies have established a link between obesity and puberty, with increased bodyweight known to be a risk factor for girls starting puberty earlier. However, the researchers said these observational findings can be influenced by situational factors, including ethnicity, economic background, education level, and diet. This, they said, makes it difficult to determine whether early puberty or these other factors are the cause. They said their new research reveals that early puberty is itself a risk factor for being overweight, with girls who have their first period earlier more likely to have a higher body mass index. First author of the study Dr Dipender Gill, a Wellcome Trust clinical research fellow, said: 

“Previous studies have shown there is an association, but we didn't know whether early puberty caused obesity in adulthood, or was simply associated with it. In our latest study we've generated evidence to support that it is a causal effect.”ADNFCR-2094-ID-801845595-ADNFCR