Education of mothers 'affects child death rate in Tanzania'

A child's chances of survival in Tanzania could depend partly on the mother's level of education, a new study has suggested.

According to the latest Tanzania Demographic and Health Survey, infants are more likely to die early if their mother has received only a limited education, the Citizen reports.

The authors of the report have therefore said efforts to achieve universal education "to as high a level as possible" must be put in place in the country, especially for girls.

This, they argued, could be a "key long-term solution to reducing socio-economic disparities in health".

Figures in the report show that Tanzania's infant mortality rate currently stands at about 40 per cent.

The chances of survival were found to be relatively low for those who live outside the country's major towns and cities.

A noticeable north-south divide was also highlighted, with the death rate being much higher in the south of Tanzania.

Posted by David Smith
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