Family Planning Association of India welcomes increased use of contraception

News that more people in various parts of Asia are using modern forms of contraception has been welcomed by experts.

Bayer Healthcare recently carried out a study in eight different countries that showed many families now use options such as condoms, contraceptive pills and intra-uterine devices to prevent conception.

According to the Family Planning Association of India, it is good that a growing number of people are choosing to use these resources, the Hindustan Times reports.

"This is an indication that people are using the spacing method for the purpose of family planning," observed secretary general Vishwanath Koliwad.

Some 42 per cent of women polled identified the pill as their first-choice means of contraception. Meanwhile, intra-uterine devices were favoured by 28 per cent of respondents.

Many men were also found to be willing to use modern family planning methods, with lots choosing to use condoms to limit the number of children they have.