FIGO at 65: Looking Ahead

FIGO, as the Global Voice for Women’s Health, believes that how a country looks after its women and children demonstrates how that country values its future prosperity.

This month, we celebrate 65 years as a federation committed to improving the health and wellbeing of every woman, wherever she lives.

healthy women over 40

The world is now at a pivotal moment when global leaders, national policy makers, partner organisations and civil society are calling out for Health for All; including specific Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) directly related to maternal health, newborn survival, sexual and reproductive health and rights, NCDs, and gender equity in health.

FIGO, has therefore embarked on an exciting journey to strengthen the capacity of our National Member Societies, including Regional Societies, to improve their ability to advocate and provide crucial health services to women and newborns.

“FIGO’s strength and value comes from the collaboration and unifying voice of our 132 member societies.  Our strength comes from leveraging that voice. FIGO will provide an umbrella of guidance, providing each society the leverage to share specifics around women’s health”.  

Dr Jeanne Conry, FIGO President Elect 2021-2024

In addition, we are expanding our network of collaborating institutions, particularly with multilateral organisations, likeminded international NGOs and the private sector.

“On a global scale FIGO has a unique role to play in the years ahead. Improving women's sexual and reproductive health and rights through collaboration with WHO, UN and partner organisations; stimulating FIGO’s 132 societies, ensuring our Projects continue to deliver and that FIGO members from high resource settings work with National Member Societies from low and middle income countries can bring about the changes needed to achieve the SDGs especially SDG 3 and 5. The provision of universal access to contraception and abortion still remains a challenge and we need to work hard and work together to provide these rights to women without compromising their identity or dignity”.

Sir Sabaratnam Arulkumaran, FIGO Past President 2012-2015

As we consolidate and expand our portfolio of regional and international initiatives to improve the health of women and newborns, more targeted funding will be needed. FIGO ‘s projects aim to improve the capacity of our National Member Societies in many countries to enable them plan and implement projects and collaboration effectively with partners in their own countries.

Women’s health needs must be at the centre of international development efforts – it is not only a basic human right, but the basis for economic advancement. Investing in women’s health produces the ultimate demographic dividend!

“FIGO members see first-hand how women's health is often compromised, not because of lack of medical knowledge, but because of infringement on women’s human rights. Our mission is women's health and we cannot turn our back to the realities of women's lives and health. FIGO will continue to stand beside and empower every woman to achieve active participation in her own health and rights”.

Professor Mahmoud F. Fathalla, FIGO Past President, 1994-1997

Ultimately, our goal continues to be the improvement of health and well-being for women and newborns through achieving universal health coverage and increasing access to quality sexual and reproductive health and rights for all women everywhere.

"Women's health needs have been at the heart and centre of FIGO's work for the past 65 years. We all have a role to play in driving this agenda forward. By working in partnership, and striving towards a vision where women of the world achieve the highest possible standards of health and wellbeing throughout their live, we will get there."

Dr Carlos Fuchtner, FIGO President, 2018-2021

With a clear strategic plan and ambitious work plan, FIGO looks forward to working together with our National Member Societies and partners to achieve our strategic objectives.

Our cause could not be more important, and our commitment no less ambitious.