FIGO launches the Contraception Reimagined Challenge

contraception challenge 2023

Coordinated by FIGO’s Committee on Contraception, the Contraception Reimagined Challenge will run until 15 August 2023. The winners will be announced as part of FIGO's 2023 World Contraception Day campaign.

The term contraception is derived from combining contra (against) and conception (act of conceiving in the womb), but prevention of unintended pregnancy is one of the many other benefits of contraception. The terminology of contraception and family planning have been used interchangeably over time, however, there is an ongoing debate that questions this practice. Often, when a person uses contraceptives, they are not necessarily planning a family and the term family planning should ideally include services to prevent unintended pregnancy (contraception), prevent unwanted birth (abortion) and promote a desired pregnancy (fertility care).

Contraception saves lives. Every day approximately 800 women die from childbirth and related consequences and there is clear data to suggest that contraception can avert many of these deaths.

Contraception prevents many gynaecological problems, including painful menstrual cycles and heavy menstrual bleeding, which can have implications on decreasing the global burden of anemia. Contraception helps to address the challenges of climate change by addressing population growth. Contraception contributes to the economic growth of a country by stabilising the population by prevention of unintended pregnancies. Contraception supports education of women and girls and enhances gender equality and empowerment. Every sustainable development goal can be achieved with contraception!

– Dr Aparna Sridhar, Chair of FIGO’s Committee on Contraception  

Ahead of this year’s World Contraception Day, we challenge the bright minds of FIGO membership societies to rename this phenomenon which does a lot more than just preventing unplanned pregnancies.

We invite you to submit a new name for contraception followed by a 200 words explanation. Please submit your response online along with a suitable image for publication (between 1-2MB) by Tuesday 15 August 2023 at 23:59 UTC+1 (UK time).

There are two categories for this challenge:

  • Medical students and trainee OBGYNs
  • OBGYNs

We will contact the winners for each category at the beginning of September and announced as part of FIGO's 2023 World Contraception Day campaign.

Take part in the FIGO Contraception Reimagined Challenge.

Good luck!