FIGO launches an online version of its award-winning Nutrition Checklist

Nutrition checklist visual

FIGO has launched an online version of its award-winning Nutrition Checklist, a nutritional questionnaire developed by the FIGO Committee on the Impact of Pregnancy on Long-term Health.

The FIGO Nutrition Checklist consists of four sections, with questions on specific dietary requirements, body mass index, diet quality and micronutrients. The aim of these questions is to collect baseline information on weight and nutritional status that can inform health-promoting conversations before or during pregnancy and identify nutritional issues that may require further assessment or intervention. 

The online version of the FIGO Nutrition Checklist allows an individual to learn more about their nutritional status and needs as they complete it and offers a personalised PDF summary of recommendations for the individual to make changes to their diet or lifestyle, if needed. It is currently available in English, and will soon be translated into French and Spanish. 

Dr Sarah Louise Killeen, member of FIGO’s Committee on the Impact of Pregnancy on Long-term Health, said,

It is so important for women to have an awareness of what they are eating as it affects not just their health, but the health of any children they may have. Answering the questions in the FIGO Nutrition Checklist will highlight areas where women may need some more information or support. The online version is suitable for women to complete themselves and for use by health care providers. This will increase access to the tool, and associated information, for women globally.

The FIGO Nutrition Checklist is a validated clinical practice tool that can identify the regular consumption of unbalanced diets or other issues relating to nutrition and weight. We encourage doctors, family care physicians, community health workers and other relevant healthcare providers to consider the FIGO Nutrition Checklist and to think nutrition and weight first, at every contact.