FIGO welcomes Dr Flavia Bustreo as special consultant

FIGO is very fortunate to have engaged Dr Flavia Bustreo as a special consultant to FIGO. Dr Bustreo was the former World Health Organization (WHO) Assistant Director-General for Family, Women's and Children's Health. 

At WHO, she also served as Deputy Director and then Director of The Partnership for Maternal, Newborn & Child Health from 2006 to 2010. In 2004-2005, she served as Interim Deputy Director of the Child Survival Partnership. 

Dr Bustreo's work has focused on policy development concerning child and maternal health, policy implementation and partnership-building with a wide range of stakeholders.

In 2010, she led the development of the United Nations’ Global Strategy for Women’s and Children’s Health. In 2008, she contributed to the High Level Taskforce on International Innovative Financing for Health Systems, and in 2005, to the UN Taskforce on Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) 4 & 5 to reduce maternal and child mortality. 

Johan Vos, FIGO Chief Executive, said:

‘Dr Bustreo is particularly interested in the field of human rights, in particular women’s and children’s rights.  She will work closely with the FIGO President and myself to help strengthen FIGO’s global advocacy agenda with the WHO and UN, and help position FIGO as a leader in the area of women’s and adolescents’ reproductive health.’