FOGSI and Indian government launch maternal death review

The Federation of Obstetric & Gynaecological Societies of India (FOGSI) has teamed up with the country's government to develop a new means of monitoring and reviewing maternal mortalities.

According to the Times of India, software created by FOGSI will be rolled out across hospitals and Primary Health Centres next month. This will serve to track pregnant women and any complications they experience, allowing doctors and researchers to easily probe the circumstances that lead to maternal deaths.

"The findings will help the states improve maternal healthcare services delivery, as the programme will help in identifying lapses," commented Dr Hema Divakar, president of FOGSI, at a three-day conference last week.

He said that while major maternal mortality risk factors - such as the inability of Primary Health Centres to treat conditions like postpartum haemorrhage - are well established, the new system would allow physicians to identify other issues contributing to the death rate.

Dr Divakar claimed ambulance services, for instance, are often ineffective due to lack of petrol and non-availability of drivers