Four FGM arrests in Kenya

The prevalence of female genital mutilation (FGM) in Kenya has once again been highlighted after police officers arrested four people in relation to the practice.

Officers in the Kuria West district of the country tracked down one individual, suspected of carrying out circumcisions on a number of girls, and three parents accused of assisting in the organisation of FGM.

According to the Star, Masaba Mabera divisional officer Japheth Nyongesa explained that a more aggressive approach to police investigations into FGM has led to many suspects fleeing the country.

He claimed some perpetrators are crossing the border into Tanzania, where the police are perceived to be more lax.

Mr Nyongesa also spoke of a growing trend of those involved in FGM travelling around on motorbikes after dark to avoid attention. 

The practice is often linked to certain religious and tribal misinterpretations, where it is part of a wider ceremony. However, the officer revealed that many have removed features of the ceremony such as dancing and singing in an effort to carry out FGM undetected.