Introducing CATALYSTS, an alliance for universal abortion rights and care in Africa

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FIGO is joining forces with CATALYSTS, a newly formed Africa-led alliance connecting and amplifying African voices and efforts towards universal abortion rights and care. This diverse coalition is committed to upholding and expanding abortion rights, with the ultimate goal of achieving reproductive justice for all. 

The initiation of CATALYSTS has been propelled by a group of five organisations focused on sexual and reproductive health and rights in Africa including FIGO, the International Planned Parenthood Foundation-Africa Regional Office (IPPF_ARO), Ipas Africa Alliance (AA), Centre for Reproductive Rights (CRR) and Population Council-Kenya. 

Why was CATALYSTS formed? 

The US Supreme Court's decision to overturn Roe v. Wade has prompted critical discussions about the implications of this ruling beyond US borders, particularly in Africa. In response, CATALYSTS was formed to preserve the progress made in abortion rights and to further expand access to abortion services across the continent. The alliance seeks to create a unified front to advocate for reproductive justice and to ensure that the hard-won gains in abortion rights are not eroded. 

Amplifying voices 

From June to August, CATALYSTS will be sharing interviews via social media to raise awareness about their cause. These interviews aim to highlight the critical work being done by individuals, organisations and networks in the abortion field to inspire collective action. 

Dr Caroline Odula, an obstetrician and gynaecologist and member of The East, Central and Southern Africa College of Obstetrics and Gynaecology (ECSACOG) – FIGO Community of Practice, reveals how CATALYSTS is seeking to change this. By calling for catalytic capital to unite different organisations and amplify their voices, a greater impact is possible.  

Watch below: 

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