Liberia government official condemns female genital mutilation

A government official in Liberia has criticised those who carry out female genital mutilation in the country.

According to Grace Kpaan, superintendent of Montserrado County, the practice is "evil" and puts young girls at risk.

Speaking to the Globe and Mail, she commented: "There are times that little children even die in the bushes - seven, eight and nine-year-olds."

Julia Duncan-Cassell, minister of gender and development in Liberia, has also appealed to people to stop performing the procedure on young girls.

She admitted that while the government wants to respect people's beliefs, it does not think they should be able to infringe on the rights of others.

"[The] government is saying this needs to stop," Ms Duncan-Cassell said.

This comes shortly after Ms Kpaan told a UN delegation that the Sande Society, which practices female genital mutilation, threatens the peace and stability of both Montserrado County and Liberia as a whole, the New Democrat News reported.
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