Prof Hadiza Shehu Galadanci named a Heroine of Health 2023

Prof Galadanci 2023

Heroines of Health 2023: Driving Change 

This evening, Women in Global Health is hosting an in-person awards gala on the margins of the Women Deliver Conference in Kigali, Rwanda to recognise the outstanding work of twelve women on the frontlines of health systems in Africa. 

The Heroines of Health Awards began in 2017 to shine a much-needed spotlight on the contribution to and leadership of women in global health. This year, the awards have selected Heroines from Africa to mark the first time that the Awards ceremony has been held on this continent. Each Heroine has made a remarkable contribution to global health and championed the cause of women’s health and rights . 

Prof Hadiza Shehu Galadanci: championing maternal health care  

Nominated by FIGO, Professor Hadiza Shehu Galadanci was recognised as one of the Heroines of Health 2023 for her dedication to transforming maternal health care in Nigeria. 

I come from a country that has the highest numbers of women dying bringing children into this world. It is time we bring this issue to the forefront of the health agenda and address the inequities that surround women’s health.

Professor Galadanci is the first woman consultant, gynaecologist, and Professor of Medicine in the Kano region of Nigeria. She has dedicated her life to reducing maternal and child mortality rates, worked to combat gender disparities in health and has played a pivotal role in shaping policies relating to critical maternal health challenges worldwide. She has authored hundreds of publications and has trained and mentored over thousands of health students, enabling them to take on leadership roles across Nigeria and the African region. 

I love to share whatever I know, passing it on to others. If I keep it to myself, it is useless. I know they can utilise it to save more lives and subsequently train others.