South Sudan aims to eradicate fistula

The South Sudan state of Western Bahr el Ghazal has launched a campaign to tackle the problem of fistula.

Health minister Isaac Clerto wants to put an end to the condition which can occur after complications during childbirth.

Mr Clerto stated that the project will involve the creation of a new women's ward and help in better diagnosis and treatment of the condition. He also warned that underage girls are more susceptible so advised against early marriages.

Fistula affects around 60,000 South Sudanese women and can put the life of their unborn child at risk if not treated properly.

Mr Clerto said: "Since we have open[ed] up [a] women’s ward, we have also set up [an] obstetric fistula treatment campaign aim[ed] at eradicating fistula infection to restore South Sudanese women’s dignity."

South Sudan's move came after Ethiopia also launched a campaign to end fistula with the backing of the US