UN adopts young persons' sexual health resolution

The United Nations Commission on Population and Development (CPD) has adopted a new resolution that is expected to dramatically improve sexual and reproductive health among the world's young population.

Sexual health was described by the member states party to the agreement as a fundamental human right.

The resolution builds upon previous agreements, including the ICPD's 1994 Programme of Action.

Kgomotso Papo, who was speaking on behalf of the South African Delegation, said:

"We must remove all barriers that compromise the health, well-being and development of youth - and ensure the right of every individual to autonomous decision making in regards to their bodies, their health and their sexual relationships."

One of the key aims of the resolution was for member nations to ensure that all young people have access to sexual and reproductive health services as a matter of course - as well as a right to confidentiality.

The resolution also calls for comprehensive sexual education for all young people - a cornerstone of any HIV/AIDS prevention programme.