Unicef aims to reduce child mortality rates

Unicef has staged a special event designed to promote maternal and newborn health across the world.

The organisation is keen to get countries stepping up their efforts to curb the number of "preventable" deaths among children.

Earlier this month, it held the Child Survival Call of Action meeting to highlight the subject.

Among those to attend the two-day conference were representatives of the US government, as well as politicians from India and Ethiopia.

"Worldwide, under-five mortality has declined from more than 12 million deaths in 1990 to 7.6 million in 2010, yet thousands of children still die every day from preventable diseases," Unicef commented.

The organisation admitted that ending the problem is an ambitious goal, but said its objective is very clear.

According to Unicef, a shortage of oxygen during childbirth is one common reason for childhood mortality, along with preterm delivery, neonatal infection and pneumonia.

Malaria and diarrhoea were also flagged up as major contributors to this continuing problem.

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