Unsafe abortions 'common in Tanzania'

Unsafe abortions are a major health risk faced by women in Tanzania and other developing countries, it has been claimed.

Speaking to the New York Times, Berega hospital medical director Dr Paschal Mdoesays said he has to deal with "a steady stream" of women seeking medical treatment following botched abortions.

He claimed the problem is particularly severe in Tanzania - where abortions are illegal unless the life of the mother is in danger - but he added "it is the same everywhere".

Dr Mdoesays explained that many of those responsible for attempting illegal abortions are hospital workers who falsely believe they have surgical skills.

He said they use sticks to try and remove the foetus, as evidenced by fragments often left inside the woman's uterus.

"They just poke, poke, poke, and then the woman has to come [to hospital]. Our work as physicians is just to help and make sure they get healed," he stated.

Earlier this year, Yummi Pang told the Daily News that comprehensive post abortion care helps to reduce maternal mortality levels in the developing world.Image removed.