US doctors face FGM dilemma

Some healthcare practitioners in the US are being confronted with a dilemma concerning female genital mutilation (FGM).

According to Dr Terry Dunn, who works in Denver, doctors have often been asked to perform the procedure on young girls by their mothers, Women's eNews reports.

Carrying out FGM has been against the law in the region for the last 15 years.

However, Dr Dunn said many healthcare professionals have been conscious that if they say no, the parents will simply go through other - more dangerous - channels.

Dr Doug Diekem, a child specialist at Seattle Children's Hospital, added: "When you're dealing with religious or cultural beliefs, saying no sometimes is not enough for people and it will not necessarily eliminate the practice."

The World Health Organization has argued that FGM violates the human rights of women and girls and leads to many health issues, such as cysts, infections and complications when giving birth.