What Women Want campaign

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Pictured: FIGO staff take part in global campaign for Quality maternal and reproductive healthcare

FIGO are delighted to join the global What Women Want advocacy campaign to improve quality maternal and reproductive healthcare for women and girls and strengthen health systems.

The campaign sets out to query one million women and girls worldwide—from capital cities to rural villages—about their top priority for quality maternal and reproductive health services by the end of 2018.

Quality, equity and dignity in healthcare is important to women and girls—no matter where they live. Therefore, partners big and small, from all countries, supportive of evidence-based, maternal, reproductive and sexual health services are welcome to participate. 

In asking the open-ended question of “what is your one request for quality reproductive and maternal health services?”, we are hoping to hear from women and girls in many different settings on a full range of health issues, including sexual health.  

Please share your one 'ask' or 'request' and add your voice to the millions of women and girls around the world who are all calling for change.

Print your sign here

Then just add your message, take your photo and email your photo to [email protected] 

Or, take part in the online survey: