Postpartum Hemorrhage Initiative

Misoprostol for the Management of Post-Partum Hemorrhage in Low Resource Settings 

Duration: 2010-2018

Donor: Gynuity Health Projects

Project contact: Jessica Morris

Background: Since 1990, reducing deaths from complications of pregnancy and childbirth has been high on the international agenda, spearheaded through the Millennium Development Goals and now reinvigorated through the Sustainable Development Goals. While good progress was made in some countries, many continue to have high rates of (largely preventable) maternal mortality and morbidity. Postpartum hemorrhage (PPH) is still the leading direct cause of maternal mortality and morbidity globally. FIGO believes that the following are essential components to reduce deaths and morbidities from PPH and meet global health targets:

  • Higher national prioritisation of maternal health, with increased focus on PPH
  • Ensuring key medicines such as oxytocin and misoprostol are on international and national essential medicines lists and with correct dosages
  • Guaranteeing that policy and service delivery guidelines that support the provision of such uterotonics exist
  • Full utilisation of such evidence-based guidelines, to serve as the basis for pre-service education and in-service training
  • Implementation of policy and programmes that support the above and ensure the availability of essential medicines

Project Aims:

Since 2010, FIGO has partnered with Gynuity Health Projects in an initiative to advocate for, and disseminate, evidence-based information on the management of PPH in low-resource countries by acting as a guiding organisation for advocacy among the medical community and clinical policymakers. This involves: disseminating the latest evidence on interventions to prevent and treat PPH, including the effectiveness of misoprostol; developing materials for dissemination, including guidelines and protocols for professional societies; collecting country-level information, creating advocacy tools, and providing support on national advocacy efforts to reduce deaths and morbidities from PPH.


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Misoprostol Dosage Chart - new release!

The new FIGO 2017 misoprostol-only dosage chart has been released!

An update from the widely used 2012 chart detailing recommended dosages of misoprostol when used by itself for a variety of gynecological and obstetrical indications has been revised and expanded by an expert group and is now available online: 

Published as an open access special communication with a commentary piece in IJGO.

Also available as:

Help us to disseminate these materials to all healthcare workers involved in providing services for women!

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