PPH Working Group

Purpose and Vision:

Initiate a global movement to help introduce universal strategies for improving PPH control in rural and urban areas of various countries, to systematically share lessons learned from improving PPH control and maternal survival, and help implement them in respective settings. An additional aim is to apply lessons learned from improved PPH control to other areas of MNH care in LMICs.


  • Galvanise and advocate for PPH action at the policy level, both internationally and nationally
  • Engage in global PPH activities and nurture the development of OBGYNs and Midwives across regions
  • Form an inclusive, global collaboration of committed individuals and organizations
  • Ensure midwifery involvement in all steps
  • Make sure that this is an authentic, woman-centered movement
  • Forget our egos in order to achieve this


Chair: Dr Jolly Beyeza - Uganda

Co-chair: Dr Claudia Hanson - Sweden

Dr Alison Wright - UK

Cherrie Evans - USA

Dr Kusum Thapa - Nepal

Yodit Meseret - Ethiopia

Dr Melody Eckardt - USA

Monica Oguttu - Kenya

Dr Poonam Varma Shivkumar - India

Dr Thomas Burke - USA

Dr Carlos Fuchtner -  Ex officio


Associate Members:

Andre Lalonde - Canada

Jerker Lijestrand - Sweden

Get in touch with the working group
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