Pregnancy & Noncommunicable Diseases

Join FIGO and high profile guest panellists during the World Health Assembly to discuss the essential link between women’s health and addressing and preventing NCDs.

Friday 25th May 
Breakfast Meeting 8.00 - 9.30am

The Ballroom B-C, Intercontinental Geneva
7-9 Chemin du Petit Sacconnex, 1209, Geneva, Switzerland

Why you should attend:
The global community is beginning to understand the enormity of the health and economic challenges that noncommunicable diseases (NCDs) present. 

It is estimated that by 2030, NCDs are projected to claim 52 million lives annually. Almost 80% of these deaths will occur prematurely in low- or low/middle-income countries.

Undernutrition, overweight and obesity; hypertension; hyperglycaemia etc are commonly associated with pregnancy and can lead to poor pregnancy outcomes. To improve both the short term outcomes and long-term population health, NCDs must be addressed simultaneously alongside maternal health. 

Hear about the essential link between women’s health and NCDs, including the unique opportunity which pregnancy gives for prevention and management of NCDs for mother and offspring. 


  • Pregnancy and NCDs – Why FIGO is taking a stand and why FIGO’s involvement is critical
    Professor CN Purandare, FIGO President, India
  • What is FIGO doing to address the issue
    Professor Moshe Hod, Chair of FIGO Pregnancy & NCD Committee, Israel
  • Why links to women’s and maternal health is critical to addressing NCD prevention and care in a sustainable way
    Katie Dain, Chief Executive, NCD Alliance, United Kingdom
  • The importance of women’s health to NCD prevention: the WHO perspective
    Dr Doris Chou, WHO 
  • How NCDs are impacting maternal health in Africa
    Dr Anne Kihara, President Elect, AFOG, Kenya
  • What FIGO would like to see on the UNGA declaration in terms of NCDs and Maternal Health
    Professor CN Purandare,  FIGO President, India