Webinar: L’obésité maternelle

Maternal Obesity

Recorded: 11th March 2021

Language: French

Maternal obesity exists throughout the world, regardless of a country's national healthcare or wealth, and can have repercussions on both mother and newborn health. One of the most frequent treatments for maternal obesity, bariatric surgery, can also have an impact upon patient care. This webinar provides perinatal health professionals with up-to-date information about maternal obesity, and looks at pregnancy after bariatric surgery.


Dr Cécile CianguraFrance

Professeur Jacky Nizard, France

Professeur Blandine Thieba, Burkina Faso


Professeur Khaled Neji, Tunisia

Dr Hélène Legardeur, Switzerland – Discussion of epidemiology and obesity in the world and among women of reproductive age

Professeur Jacky Nizard, France – Maternal obesity: what do we know about the risk during pregnancy and childbirth?

Dr Suzanne Demers, Canada – Maternal obesity and obstetric echography

Professeur Roland Devlieger, Belgium – Bariatric surgery post pregnancy in the case of maternal obesity

Dr Paul Barakat, Lebanon