Webinar: OBGYN Training during COVID-19: Challenges across the globe

Recorded: Wednesday 2nd June 

Language: English

Description: FIGO joins WATOG for a Global Webinar looking at the challenges to OBGYN training during the COVID-19 pandemic. The results of WATOG's worldwide online survey are presented. Speakers focus on the changes in workload, training aspects and health and safety that affect trainees' education during the pandemic. The webinar also looks at the impacts upon sexual and reproductive health globally.


Dr Atziri Ramirez, WATOG President


Dr Faysal El Kak, FIGO Vice President

Dr Goknur Topcu – Education during Pandemics in Europe

Dr Chipo Gwanzura – Education during Pandemics in Africa

Dr Fabiano Elisei – Education during Pandemics in Latin America