Webinar: Things You Always Wanted to Know About Minimal Access Surgery (But Were Afraid to Ask)

Recorded: 27th May, 2021

Language: English

Description: Minimal access surgery contributes towards the improvement of the quality of life of patients who must undergo gynecological surgery. Unfortunately, many patients end up undergoing open surgery and there remain multiple barriers to their care. This webinar aims to provide tools to allow healthcare providers to offer their patients less invasive surgical options in a safe and feasible manner.

The webinar is organised by the FIGO Committee on Minimal Access Surgery, in collaboration with SAFOG (South Asian Federation of Obsterics and Gynecology) and GESB (Gynecological Endoscopic Society of Bangladesh)


Dr JD Villegas-Echeverri, Chair of FIGO MAS Committee, Colombia

Dr Nusrat Mahmud, Joint secretary of Gynecological Endoscopic Society of Bangladesh and Assistant Secretary General of SAFOG, Bangladesh


Dr Faysal El Kak, FIGO Vice President, Lebanon

Professor Ferdousi Begum, SAFOG President, Bangladesh

Professor TA Chowdhury, GESB President, Bangladesh

Professor Laila Banu, Bangladesh – Electrosurgery: What you need to know

Professor Alberto Mattei, Italy – Laparoscopic entry techniques: Evidence based recommendations

Dr JD Villegas-Echeverri, Colombia – 10 steps for a safe and feasible TLH

Professor Philippe Descamps, France – Endometriosis – from basic to complex

Professor Megan Wasson, USA – Complications in MAS. Can we avoid them?