Fistula Surgery Training Initiative's 10-10-10 Action Plan

FIGO's 10-Step 10-Year $10 Million Action Plan to reach 100,000 women will make a substantial contribution to closing the global fistula treatment gap.


In a bold effort to close the global treatment gap and to help end the suffering caused by obstetric fistula, over the next 10 years, the Fistula Surgery Training Initiative will raise $10 million to reach 100,000 women. Here are the 10 steps that will get us there:

1. Recruit and train new fistula surgeons and holistic care teams

2. Provide ongoing coaching and supervision by FIGO Trainers

3. Support facilities to become FIGO Fistula Training Centres

4. Supply needed, specialised fistula surgery equipment

5. Provide accessible educational and training resources

6. Maximise programme effectiveness

7. Generate and share evidence to enhance clinical practice

8. Increase collaboration

9. Raise awareness about obstetric fistula, the impact and the solutions

10. Build and support the comprehensive team required to deliver this specialised project

The sustained investment of $10 million over 10 years will have a game-changing impact, allowing the Fistula Surgery Training Initiative to expand and to transform the lives of significantly more affected women, their families and their communities. The cost of inaction is the untold suffering, isolation and lost potential of women living with obstetric fistula worldwide.

Download the 10-10-10 Action Plan