Committee for the Ethical Aspects of Human Reproduction and Women’s Health

About the Committee

The Committee was established on 19th Feb 1985 and has continuously addressed ethical concerns in the research and practice of women’s health. It has also propagated public awareness, as well as awareness amongst practitioners and policy makers on these issues. There are more than 79 existing FIGO Ethics and Professionalism Guidelines in a volume which is constantly updated every few years by the committee. The committee also has a bioethical curriculum which is most suited for practicing gynecologists as well students and teachers of the faculty and it is freely available on FIGO website. This is because the committee feels that obstetricians and gynecologists have an ethical duty to advocate for women’s healthcare.

In last few years the committee has come out with certain important statements which include Ethical responsibilities in post-abortion care, Professionally Responsible Decision Making about Vaginal and Cesarean Delivery. The committee have also released a number of guidelines on socially significant issues such as Menstrual Health Hygiene and Management and adverse menstrual norms which exist in many countries round the world.

Members 2018-2021:

Dr Sanjay Gupte  - Chair, India

Dr Frank A Chervenak  - Past-Chair, USA

Professor Leonel Briozzo, Uruguay

Dr Michael Marsh, United Kingdom

Dr Laurence McCullough, USA

Dr Lourdes Capito, Philippines 

Dr Giovanni Monni, Italy

Dr Olimpio De Moraes Filho, Brazil

Dr Jolly Beyaza, Uganda

Professor Lesley Regan – Ex officio

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