FIGO webinar: Clinicians' behaviours and preterm birth

Recorded on Thursday 17 November 2022

To mark World Prematurity Day, the FIGO Committee on Preterm Birth hosted a webinar on clinicians' behaviours and preterm birth.

Preterm birth is one of the most impactful conditions in OBGYN and clinicians' activities contribute to this problem. Acknowledging this, this webinar explored new evidence on obstetric and gynaecological interventions, including peripartum care, to improve outcomes in preterm birth.

Knowledge of the aetiology guide many clinicians to understand the issues of their practice and allow them to consider the risks and benefits of their decisions. The topics covered in this webinar have widespread implications for nearly all practicing clinicians, and therefore the wellbeing of women and newborns.



Catalina Valencia, Colombia

Priya Soma-Pillay, South Africa

Andrew Shennan, UK

Ben Mol, Australia


Bill Grobman, USA

Bo Jacobsson, Sweden

Dilly Anumba, UK

Madhuri Patel, India