Committee on Preterm Birth

The Committee on Preterm Birth is a diverse and experienced group with global representation and extensive clinical and research experience to tackle the solutions to the adverse consequences of preterm birth.

This committee aims to define, research and disseminate knowledge in this area and facilitate solutions to tackle this challenging problem. It will help bring focus to this relatively unnoticed entity that has arguably some of the worst economic, social and clinical outcomes in obstetrics and gynaecology. 

Committee Objectives

  • Identify key areas that can be fast tracked for immediate impact in improving outcomes related to preterm birth.
  • Highlight common ground between committees that can reduce preterm birth.
  • Disseminate accessible resources to implement efficient change to reduce the adverse consequences of preterm birth.
  • Define research needs that will tackle the global impact of preterm delivery and facilitate early career researchers to engage with these challenges.
  • Act as advocates for women and bring attention to research needs while facilitating early career researchers in this area.

Of all the health problems in the world, preterm birth probably has the greatest impact but gets the least attention. We are delighted FIGO has recognised the need to focus on this area. Our committee has the experience and ability to facilitate change for good in this area. We are looking forward to this challenge.

– Professor Andrew Shennan, Committee Chair

Committee Members


Professor Andrew Shennan, UK


Professor Bo Jacobsson, Sweden – Past Chair

Professor Shantha Kumari, India – Ex Officio

Dr Chan-Wook Park, Korea

Professor Dilly Anumba, UK

Professor William Grobman, USA

Dr Catalina María Valencia González, Colombia

Professor Ben Mol, Australia

Professor Ana Bianchi, Uruguay

Dr Madhuri Patel, India

Professor Priya Soma-Pillay, South Africa

Dr Sudeep Kaudel, Nepal – WATOG

Associate Members

Dr Ana Lucia Campos, Guatemala

Dr Sikolia Wanyonyi, Kenya

Dr Antonio Ayala, Mexico

Dr Zsakeba Henderson, USA

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