Committee on Infections During Pregnancy

The Committee on Infections During Pregnancy works on defining and disseminating the best practices for the prevention and treatment of infections during pregnancy to reduce morbidity and mortality among pregnant women and their babies. 

Committee members are experts with complementary specialisations, who help to bring an ample perspective on the issue. The committee aims to work collaboratively with other FIGO Committees and external organisations aiming to improve health care and quality of life for pregnant women.

Committee Members


Dr Deborah Money - Canada


Dr Eliana Amaral - Brazil/ Past-Chair 

Dr Mandakini Megh - India

Dr Luisa Martins - Portugal

Dr Edward Buga - South Africa

Dr Dharmintra Pasupathy - Australia

Dr Friday Saidi - Malawi

Dr Juan Carlos Ordoñez - Honduras

Dr Vincent Dusingizimana - Rwanda

WATOG representative

Dr Nancy Kazadi - South Africa

Associate Members

Dr Morkor Newman - Switzerland

Dr David Aronoff - USA

Dr Suzzane Serruya - Uruguay

Dr Isabelle Boucoiran - Canada

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