Committee on Health Systems Strengthening and Respectful Care

The mandate of the Committee on Health Systems Strengthening and Respectful Care is to examine health systems strengthening and respectful care at childbirth, identify areas of concern and propose interventions for implementation by FIGO and its member societies. The committee focuses on the health care workforce and on service delivery, emphasises the importance of universal health coverage (UHC) and respectful maternity care, and aims to continue the work of the International Childbirth Initiative.

The burden of maternal mortality, morbidity and perinatal deaths remains high in the majority of low- and middle-income countries (LMICs), despite the work set out by the Sustainable Development Goals. High on the global agenda are countries' commitments to work towards the provision of UHC as a minimum to ensure equitable access to health care. This applies to maternal and newborn health care – from pregnancy and childbirth to the postpartum period.

Committee Members


Dr Jezid Miranda - Columbia


Dr Pius Okong - Past- Chair - Uganda

Dr Rowshan Ara Begum - Bangladesh

Dr Margit Steinholt - Norway

Professor Mindaugas Kliučinskas - Lituania

Professor Kentaro Kurasawa - Japan

Dr Christostim Wekesa Barasa - Kenya

Dr María Antonia Basavilvazo Rodríguez - Mexico

Associate Members

Dr Garang Ajak - South Sudan

Dr Birgitta Essén - Sweden

Dr Suellen Miller - USA

Ms Debra Pascali-Bonaro - USA

Dr Sebajuri Jean Marie Vianney - Rwanda

Ms Francesca Palestra - Switzerland

Dr Bremen De Mucio - Uruguay

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